yorkie and pomeranian puppies

Looking for Yorkie or Pomeranian puppies for sale? Look no further! This website is a directory of Yorkie and Pomeranian breeders with in the US.

Basic supplies needed with your need family member.

1. Doggy bed and a exercise pen. Buy at Yorkieclothing.com
2. Small washable blanket
3. Newspaper or Wee-Wee pads
4. Food & water dishes
5 Purina Puppy chow dry Food AND caned Pedigree Puppy
and Goats Milk.
6. Nutri-cal
7. Brush & comb
8. Puppy Shampoo & conditioner, oatmeal or a hypoallergenic type.
9. Some kind of vitamins that good for coat & skin consult your vet.
10. Chew toys (not pig ears, rawhide bone)

These supplies are basic recommendations based on our experience. It will be helpful to have these supplies ready at home before the day you pick him/her up. All of the supplies can be
purchased any pet store near your home.

Helping your Yorkie / Pomeranian Puppy Adjust To Their New Environment

Your puppy might be nervous in new environment.Everything from sights, smells, people, etc. Are strange and very new to him/her.You have to allow new puppies to explorer the place and encourage him/her to play. Do not leave your puppy on a bed ,coach, or any place up off the floor unattended. They can brake very easy. You should have an exercise pen for her or him to stay in when you are away or busy. They do not need to much room, as they may get into things that may heart them or exhaust them selves running all over the home. Limited exercise for these T-Cup and Toy size babies. You do not want to over do it with them. Do not leave the puppy and a child unsupervised. Puppies are fragile. Do not pet the ears on your puppy. They are soft bone ( cartilage ) and will brake down. Become droopy. Keep the hair shaved off the ears so they stay up. This is mainly with the yorkie puppies. Do not take you new puppy out shopping at the pet store or other stores, to the park, friends house, for a walk ECT. He or She needs all the series of puppy shots done before it is safe to do all that fun stuff.
When you speak to your new puppy, you need to speak quietly and calmly so he/she can be comfortable with your voice. He/she will soon be just fine and enjoying his/her new home.

The puppy is used to sleeping with several brothers and sisters, so he/she might feel lonely and cry for first few couple for night. When the puppy cries out, simply touch his nose and tell him ‘no’ in a soft voice. The only thing you tell him when the new pup cries out is softly but firmly ‘no’. Change of diet or environment may cause diarrhea. If the puppy gets diarrhea you have to see the vet that day, right away.

Feeding Your Puppy

All of our puppies are fed dry food Eukanuba small bread puppy food and Purina Pro Plan caned puppy food. However, if you plan to change the puppy’s diet, wait until he or she is six months old, when their insides can handle it better. Do it gradually by mixing little of new food with the food they are used to eating for several days before switching entirely to the new food. 1/4 new food to 3/4 old food for the first week, 1/2 and 1/2 for the second week, 3/4 new food to 1/4 old food the third week.